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Convert URLs, PDFs, & photos to spoken audio

Fit more reading into your schedule by uploading or pasting any news article, chapter, or work document into RatherListen and instantly get a listenable version to absorb while exercising, commuting, or doing chores.

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How you want to share & receive files

Send documents and data to colleagues through in-browser previews with your logo & colors, and add dynamic highlighting & summaries to help recipients get the skim fast.

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Spiky Bricks

Ball Shooter with Obstacles

A casual game to play one swipe at a time: the popular ball shooter style game, but some bricks have spikes that will crack, then destroy, your balls.


Make, Share, & Sign NDAs in 60 Seconds

Quickly fill in a potential business partner's name & email, then a short description of your venture to generate a mutual NDA ready to sign right on your phone and text or email as a PDF.

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Explosive Puzzle Game

Tap fuses to rotate them and ignite as many rockets as you can in one-minute rounds. Launch multiple fireworks at a time for more bonus points and achievements. Collect coins to upgrade your rockets for even more points!